Statement of Withdrawal

Thank you for visiting. After a year of campaigning as best as I can, it is clear I am unable to mount a competitive effort. In the interest of ensuring voters have the best choices while not needlessly diluting any Ranked Choice voting rounds, I have withdrawn from the November 2018 District 6 Supervisor election.

I know many are disappointed and I apologize. Those who could not afford it still chose to make contributions in money and time to this effort, personalizing my decision when considering withdrawal. Yet throughout, I have reminded folks this is not vanity — it is representation. Having spent the whole of my adult life in District 6, having been a wage earner, a union member, a tech worker, a renter, a homeless person, a parent of school age children, a student of both City College and SF State, an environmentalist, an activist, and an educated economist and political scientist, I earnestly hoped and sought to earn the consideration of all voters, sincerely believing I would be most representative of our diverse district while also a helpful and unique addition to the board — especially for those agreeing with my view true diversity includes economic and social status.

I have met many voters over the past year and I thank everyone kind enough to engage me. The privilege of presenting myself before you remains humbling. We have great candidates to choose from, and I am particularly grateful to the respect and time afforded me by Sonja Trauss and Matt Haney. I hope our next Supervisor, along with those elected throughout the City, remember struggling wage earners in policy and prepare for harder times ahead, as a recession within the next four years is practically assured. Though I withdraw from public consideration and return to anonymity, I shall, nevertheless, sincerely remain,



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