Statement of Withdrawal

Thank you for visiting. After a year of campaigning as best as I can, it is clear I am unable to mount a competitive effort. In the interest of ensuring voters have the best choices while not needlessly diluting any Ranked Choice voting rounds, I have withdrawn from the November 2018 District 6 Supervisor election.

I know many are disappointed and I apologize. Those who could not afford it still chose to make contributions in money and time to this effort, personalizing my decision when considering withdrawal. Yet throughout, I have reminded folks this is not vanity — it is representation. Having spent the whole of my adult life in District 6, having been a wage earner, a union member, a tech worker, a renter, a homeless person, a parent of school age children, a student of both City College and SF State, an environmentalist, an activist, and educated in economics and political science, I earnestly hoped and sought to earn the consideration of all voters, sincerely believing I may prove most representative of our diverse district while also a helpful and unique addition to the board — especially for those agreeing with my view true diversity includes economic and social status. I further wrapped this effort within the Stoicism of and inspiration from Socrates; though having exposure to many issues, I concede expertise in few; seeking instead the insights and wisdom of constituents, stakeholders, and policy experts, all the while privately considering the promotion of my ignorance by asking questions more honest for any aspiring public official.

I have met many voters over the past year and I thank everyone kind enough to engage and help educate me. The privilege of presenting myself before you remains humbling and I am now a better citizen for it. District 6 is fortunate in having great candidates to choose from, including Sonja Trauss, Matt Haney, and Christine Johnson. I would be remiss if failing to note my particular appreciation, affection, and gratefulness for the respect and time afforded me by Sonja & Matt. I hope and expect our next Supervisor, along with those elected throughout the City, remember in policy their constituents and, especially, those marginalized, including our struggling wage earners, while, with recession in the next four years practically assured, preparing for harder times ahead. Though I withdraw from public consideration and return to anonymity, I shall, nevertheless, sincerely remain,

Your humble servant,


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