District 6

The venerable 6th District is a curious one, encompassing the South of Market region, Civic Center area, the Tenderloin, and China Basin — along with Treasure Island thrown in, probably on a dare. There was disappointment in learning the Farallon Islands are not also part of it, as I tend to poll well with sea lions. That aside, given its broad coverage of the most densely populated areas of the City, it is a very diverse district, filled with interesting places, great history, and endless character. Below is a map of the district. To learn if you are in the district, search your home by rolling over the map, zooming in for a clearer view, or download the map here — the bold numbers on the map are precincts. If you are a resident of the district, I hope to earn your vote. If you are not a resident of the district, remember that members of the Board of Supervisors make decisions impacting the whole City, so my intent is earning support from all San Francisco residents.

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District Roots

As a teen, when first arriving at our airport, I quickly learned it wasn't actually in the City proper, while also learning BART had yet to reach the airport. I hopped into a cab, asking my driver to "take me to the cheapest hotel in San Francisco!" This could have ended badly, and in a way, it did. He promptly took me to... the Ramada Plaza International at Fisherman's Wharf. Ignorant of concepts like "hostels" or "residential hotels", I blew through quite a bit of my limited funds in my first few days in the City, prior to enlightenment. Landing shortly afterward at the former Grand Central Hostel on Market Street, I have called this district my home, though with a few brief stints elsewhere. I came into adulthood in this district, living in my current home since January of 2005.