Despite our best ideals, there is one thing, more than any other, serving as principle measure of any claim to legitimacy from a candidate for public office. This revealed itself in the first local news article, from the Chronicle, passingly mentioning this campaign. The article says it all, given its singular focus on the only apparent thing that matters: money.

The Basics

No question, money is required to run a serious campaign. Events need planning and hosting, signs made, mailers sent, promotions paid for, and so on. Fortunately, San Francisco offers public financing to candidates seeking local office. To secure public financing, one must qualify. To qualify, a candidate must:

Agree to a voluntary expenditure ceiling;
Raise at least $10,000 from at least 100 SF residents;
Prove and verify donors are residents of San Francisco.

Financial disclosures may be found with the San Francisco Ethics Commission — filer ID: 1397680

The Goal

Of the early goals of this campaign, one is locating & verifying City residents and raising at least $10,000 from them. This unlocks public financing, while also earning a more considered look from voters, the press, and the political class. This is one way you can help this campaign earn some of the legitimacy needed to compete, while helping finance efforts to spread the word, make introductions, and learn from stakeholders, experts, activists, and community leaders. Anyone can donate, but for the purposes of qualifying for public financing, I need more than a donation — I need donors who are San Francisco residents; willing and able to prove it.

Contributions cannot exceed $500. Cash or money orders cannot exceed $99. If making a donation intent on helping qualify this campaign for public financing, I ask that you please print this form, fill it out, and mail it with a personal check, made out to:

Jones for Supervisor 2018
416 Turk Street #502
San Francisco, CA 94102

Donating Online

To help facilitate supporters lacking check books, you may choose contributing online. I have chosen ActBlue to help manage and process online donations.

If you have a check book, the preferred method for political contributions — and the manner most appreciated by the SF Ethics Commission — is the analog method described above.